Marcus Frödin is a software engineer, engineering leader, amateur most-things and all aroung nice person from Stockholm, Sweden.

Marcus currently works at Spotify, where he leads the Partners & Emerging Platforms engineering function, as a Tribe Lead.

During his career, Marcus has worked as an engineer, a product manager and engineering leader and manager. He thrives in hard working, solid groups and loves building people as much as he loves building product. Shipping excites him, as the process of creating something where there was nothing is a bit like playing god.

Marcus does not enjoy writing about himself in third person, but thought it would seem fitting here.

Resume at a glance

May '13 - Now · Director of Engineering, Partners & Emerging Platforms – Spotify

I head up the partnership engineering function at Spotify, Leading a team of 50+ engineers, QA, agile coaches and managers across Stockholm and San Francisco, collaborating with product, design and biz dev to deliver delightful user experiences powered by great partnerships.

June '12 - May '13 · Team Lead / Chapter Lead – Spotify

Managed engineering team working on shipping features across desktop and mobile clients, as well as growth features. Key areas of work included culture, hiring, performance, mentorship, as well as architecture and development for components of our desktop application, primarily Javascript with some C++ work.

Nov '08 - May '11 · Engineer + Product Owner – Atex Polopoly

May '11 - May '12 – Product Owner · Managed roadmap and sprint backlog for three teams across a few big projects that reworked how developers work with Polopoly, together with iPad offering and an integration hub.

Nov '08 - May '11 – Software Engineer · Worked full stack on the Polopoly product, from databases to front end, with a special focus on the user interface. Both new dev, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Jun '08 - Oct '08 · Thesis Work – Scania

Designed, coded and evaluated a new static code analysis framework written in Haskell for doing analysis of global properties of a large C code base.

Jun '07 - Jun '08 · Engineering Intern – ENEA

Ported a soft realtime scheduler called Frescor from an open source RTOS to ENEAs operating system OSE. Embedded C work.

The stuff I've been part of as a tribe lead at Spotify

During the last few years, as I've been running the Partners Tribe at Spotify, I've been part of a world class team. With the risk of not sounding humble, what we achieve together awe me every day. Hopefully our biggest victories are still ahead, but I wanted to highlight some stuff that the team has done over the last few years, and that I have hopefully played some small part in.

  • Shipped world class product · In the last two years, the team has shipped Spotify for Playstation, Chromecast, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and Sonos as well as Nike+, Shazam, Starbucks and DJ software like Pacemaker and Djay2. These products delight millions of users every day, and has brought many new users into our experience, and convinced existing users to get Premium.
  • Shipped entire new platforms · In any succesful strategy aimed at ubiquity across devices, you need a layer of scalable technology, and a product experience that makes that technology easily accessible. We've successively built up our capabilities, including Spotify Connect (available on hundreds of SKU's), our iOS and Android SDK's as well as our new Web API, servicing billions of requests each month.
  • Deprecated and killed old platforms · As important as building out new platforms and capabilities is tending to the legacy and making sure you pave the way for moving quickly in the future. We've worked incredibly hard on getting into a mindset of moving quickly. A few examples of though choices this lead to include discontinuing the apps strategy, deprecating libspotify, and killing our old web api. Neither of these were easy decision, but they freed up capacity to build the future.
  • Grown a sustainable and happy team · Throughout these years, we've grown the team by close to 100%. We've grown from being based only in Stockholm to being in Stockholm, London and San Francisco. We've managed to build one of the most diverse engineering teams in Spotify. We've had close to zero attrition, with only three people from partners leaving Spotify in the last two years. Many engineers have moved from one discipline to another, or into product or management. We've of course had a few fuckups, but we're still mostly the same group growing and learning as we go.

Every now and then I try my hand at writing. You will find all of my management and leadership musings published on Medium. Below are a few recent ones.


We enjoy travelling

If we (that is, me and my fiancee) have a dollar to spare, we're likely to spend it on travelling. In 2015 I've logged well over a 150 days on the road and a decidedly environmentally hostile amount of time in the air. If you ever want to entice me to a conference, your best bet is to be somewhere exciting. I'm just as infatuated with Berlin as I enjoy Portland, Austin, Osaka or Istanbul.

I cook, I eat and I run

I'm an amateur cook, a dedicated eater and, by necessity and interest alike, an aspiring runner. As often as you find me hacking, you're likely to find me baking bread, tempering chocolate or chopping tartare. It tends to be asian, but might just as well be a futile attempt at pasta.

If you ever want to get very nerdy about fine dining, I am game for that. Some of my favorite dinners ever, as seen through the eyes of my fiancée, has been Momofuku Ko and Osteria Francescana. But to be honest, I'll just as well enjoy a sweaty Döner at four in the morning.

I am still getting into this whole running thing, but in 2015 I finished my first half-marathon. It didn't go quick by any measure (took about 2 hours 3 minutes), but I was still somewhat proud I managed to do it.

Music is a big part of me

Growing up in the swedish countryside, my main way to pass the few hours I wasn't in front of my computer was attending DIY punk concerts, or making flyers for them. Since then I've gone through the lifecycle from teenage punk via mid-naughts hipster to a decidedly more Discover Weekly-driven music taste.

If you want a few playlists that show you what I enjoy, my half marathon list, my Best of 2015 or Best of 2014 might be decent tracer bullets.


You can reach me at marcusf AT my company name dot com and on Twitter as @marcusf.

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I enjoy giving talks. Please reach out via e-mail or Twitter. I enjoy talking about culture and leadership, but also how to organise a ubiquity strategy, what it takes to buil robust API's and how to make a developer platform that doesn't suck.